Penguin Food Collector.

Made in less than 24 hours for Mini Jam 94: Baking (You had 72 hours, but I just worked really quickly😎)

The theme is "Baking" and the restriction is that you can only use 2 buttons.

A game about a penguin that collects food.

Get the right ingredients, or else... you will DIE! (Oh no!)

Made using Unity Engine.
Art made in Aseprite.
Background Music:">
Score Sound:">
Death Sound:


Baking Jam Source 257 MB


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nice idea . If the image of the ingredients required were shown, it would have ben better. overall still a good concept

Its good concept, hard to keep track of the ingredients while moving, I like it.

I submited to the jam too if you want to check it out.

My highscore: 20